Packaging Design – Part 3

My ongoing love affair with packaging design is exactly that, ongoing. The following are but a sampling, real &/or fictitious, of the hundreds, very possibly thousands, of innovative & creative ideas that are out there. In the mean time, I’ll do my best to keep you in the loop with many more packaging posts to come.

Via Lovely Package

PACKAGING: The sustainable way

These bags are the perfect natural answer to the environment’s needs. They are biodegradable carrier bags made out of flax-viscose non-woven fabric & will naturally decompose 60 days after being discarded. Its material was scientifically developed and manufacture in Poland. The flax-viscose fabric is produced with flax fibre industrial waste, which means it doesn’t exploit any natural resources and requires minimal energy during its production. The 60 bag shown below.

60 bag

BELOW:The original single-use bamboo collection of plates, serveware and utensils. All Occasion Veneerware® is the one and only single-use product made from 100% bamboo and Certified Organic. All Occasion Veneerware® is ideal for meals at home, picnics, catered events, weddings, birthdays, conferences or almost any occasion. All Occasion Veneerware® is our answer to the paper plate. Click on the following link for their official website: Bambu.

Below: 100% biodegradable packaging for PO-ZU, an “ecological footwear manufacturer.” PO-ZU suggest that the box can be used as a tray to grow seedlings. As the plant grows, simply place the entire tray in the earth and it will decompose naturally.

This packaging is made of six identical wooden cubes made of oiled nutwood. A leather hinge provides the opening function, a paper loop is used as closure. KLOTZ is not only for protecting the jewelry, but also for presenting it! The whole packaging is made out of natural materials and is 100% biodegradable.” Designed by Gerlinde Gruber

Below: These beautiful brown paper bags look like origami.

With the aim to help save the endangered animal Magdalena Czarnecki, in collaboration with WWF, created “This is Origami”, a sustainable packaging design that can be reused and serve as a toy paper. After emptying the paper bags, it has all the step-by-step folding instruction in order for you to come in a certain toy stated in the cover, which are in the form of an animal.

Culdesac is a design studio based in valencia, spain specialising in directional sustainable cutting edge product design. They have designed a new ceramic  bottle and crate inspired packaging for new extra virgin olive oil company el mil de poaig .The driving concept behind the design is ‘no wastage’. Made from traditional valencian ceramics the bottle combines bisque with glazed porcelain.Its sleek minimal design has been developed, so that no oil is wasted. Each of the limited edition bottles come packaged in hand made wooden crates with a security seal. The packaging enhances the product while preserving its contents. via Dezeen

Packaging: Intuitive Design

360 Degree Paper Bottles designed by Brand Image

Hattomonkey Packaging Design: These adorable tetra-pack milk cartons are designed by Hattomonkey; a Russian design studio

Microwave Popcorn packaging designed by Anni Nykanen


1000 Acres Vodka packaging designed by Arnell




Askinosie Chocolate brings back old school packaging design