R&R:Merus Winery Design by Uxus

After admiring the design of  Ella Dining Room & Bar by Uxus I had to see what other designs they’ve crafted. It was most certainly a find to discover Merus, a winery in Napa Valley. As I have mentioned on many previous occasions my love for wine this location has also been added to the “bucket list”.  Their interpretation of a contemporary winery design exudes sophistication.

Main Tasting Room is composed of rich materials & furnishings such as black granite, lacquered surfaces, custom turned wood pedestal tables, Driade sofas among other cutting edge furnishings which come together to create an innovative spin on the classic wine tasting atmosphere.

The Cave Tasting Table is located within a smaller tasting area redesigned to compliment the sophistication of the main  tasting room. A blackboard running along the perimeter of the space displays the winemaker’s notes of vintages being sampled. Tom Dixon lamps add an eclectic touch to the dark ambiance of the underground space.

The Cave Events Space is located at the end of one of the cave main tunnels and serves as a reception area for public events. The walls of the cave are painted Merus red and in conjunction with the glowing Foscarini chandeliers add the necessary spark of colour . A large custom black table with turned legs is the centerpiece of the room. The space gives off a majestic ambiance and delivers the perfect blend of contemporary and rustic feel to achieve a one of a kind wine tasting experience.

photographer: Dim Balsem

Via Architonic

RESTAURANT: Ella Dining Room & Bar Design

Hallelujah spring is here. It will soon be time to pull off the layers and enjoy the warmer days. I would have to say spring has the best of both worlds, you can still enjoy winter sports like boarding without getting frost bite and your body can release the tension it has been holding all winter and relax. In addition to those wonderful benefits you can start pulling out the warmer weather clothes and feel like you have an entirely new wardrobe which is nice for those of us living on student budgets in a city that breathes fashion.

On another note I am currently working on a restaurant project and trying to finalize the furniture schedule. Like always I look for inspirations which includes hours of research and amazing finds. I came across Ella Dining Room & Bar Designed by Uxus and fell in love. It has been added to the Bucket List and was a mandatory feature. Located in Sacramento, California it’s one of the most innovative restaurant interiors I have ever seen. Who would of thought to use a hodge-podge of shutters on the ceiling and overhang of the bar. Well they did and it’s stunning along with the contemporary lines and variety of  eclectic pieces.  UXUS was commissioned by The Selzim Restaurant Group for this 4 million dollar project which has a capacity for 250 diners and covers an area of 710m2 (approx 7600 sq ft).

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NEW DIRECTIONS: Tree Houses continued…..

4TREEHOUSE by Lukasz Kos


Arboreal Architecture by Baumraum
Andreas Wenning’s Treehouses
Tree House Hotel “Harads”, designed by Swedish architects Tham & Videgard Hansson

NEW DIRECTIONS: Yellow Treehouse Restaurant


Pushing the limits of tree house designs  New Zealand has built a restaurant on a tree.   The Yellow Tree house Cafe sits 10 meters above the ground enveloping a redwood tree. While the concept is built upon  a suspended chrysalis, in a fairy-tale environment overlooking a meadow and meandering stream on the edge of a forest.  The wooden restaurant project was conceptualized by Peter Eising and Lucy Gauntlett  from the Bureau of Architecture Pacific Environments Architects.  Their creation is the result of an ‘off-the-wall’, marketing promotion for Yellow pages.  








 ” At 10m wide and over 12m high with split-level floor sitting 10m above the ground, it is sustainably constructed from timber trusses forming the main structure and curved glue-laminated pine fins and poplar slats to give it form. Windows are created by leaving spaces between the slats/fins that keeps the overall form yet affords a variety of permeability for the views and light. Access is via a 60m tree-top walkway – an adventure in itself. The tree house is designed to be weather resistant using acrylic sheeting fixed to the roof under the fins with roll-down café-style blinds within. Strategic lighting creates a ‘beacon-like’ glow at night.” 






The last photo shown above is my favourite, it’s just so nostalgic with the upward angle capturing the night sky, the restaurant appears like a glowing membrane of life.   

via  Snegidhi

SHOPS:McNally Jackson Cafe in Nolita, NY

A wise woman once told me that when trying to create a design I should first invision a theme or a style and then follow suit.  This is not to say that you can not combine both themes and styles but it allows you to have a clear direction of what you are aiming to achieve.  McNally Jackson Design Cafe which is part of McNally Jackson Book store,  Designed by Front Studio is one of those projects with a clear theme achieved through imagination and experimentation of non tradition material applications.

Above: For McNally Jackson Books in Nolita, Front Studio created a “place that is evocative of literature.”

Above: The architects covered the curved wall in an assemblage of open spined books and a series of folding tables, arranged carefully folded like a book when closed.  Another themed idea is the food-related quotes that make up the new menu.

 Above: Custom lighting made with paperback books

Images &  Information via Remodelista