RESTAURANT: Ella Dining Room & Bar Design

Hallelujah spring is here. It will soon be time to pull off the layers and enjoy the warmer days. I would have to say spring has the best of both worlds, you can still enjoy winter sports like boarding without getting frost bite and your body can release the tension it has been holding all winter and relax. In addition to those wonderful benefits you can start pulling out the warmer weather clothes and feel like you have an entirely new wardrobe which is nice for those of us living on student budgets in a city that breathes fashion.

On another note I am currently working on a restaurant project and trying to finalize the furniture schedule. Like always I look for inspirations which includes hours of research and amazing finds. I came across Ella Dining Room & Bar Designed by Uxus and fell in love. It has been added to the Bucket List and was a mandatory feature. Located in Sacramento, California it’s one of the most innovative restaurant interiors I have ever seen. Who would of thought to use a hodge-podge of shutters on the ceiling and overhang of the bar. Well they did and it’s stunning along with the contemporary lines and variety of  eclectic pieces.  UXUS was commissioned by The Selzim Restaurant Group for this 4 million dollar project which has a capacity for 250 diners and covers an area of 710m2 (approx 7600 sq ft).

Via designscene