ARCHITECTURE: Hawaii Home by Olson Kundig Architects

Jealousy is an ugly human trait, the word itself insinuates negativity where as envy seems to be a more positive word with a similar connotation. That may seem a little out of the blue but the point is I am continuously envious of the beautiful designs out there and the creative geniuses behind them all… in a good way! My finds continuously inspire me to push myself, experiment and ultimately exceed expectations. So instead of being jealous of what others may have, be envious and let them inspire you.

On the same note one of my girlfriends was just vacationing in Hawaii, looking for a summer home.  I found myself to be quite envious, so I decided to research designs in Hawaii and I came across a home designed by one of my faves, Kundig. Olson Kundig Architects were given the challenge of constructing a highly functional and durable home that will weather the tropical storms and strong ocean winds.  Located close to a well-known surfing spot, Slaughterhouse Beach House expands the concept of a traditional surfing hut with three connected huts – general living quarters, guest suites, and a main sleeping area. The structure’s walls are constructed from rammed earth. In this process, different local earth-based mixtures are packed together, and the resulting striated layers are visible both inside and outside the building. The walls blend in with the surroundings, are low maintenance, virtually fireproof, and a strong barrier to sound. The roofs share a resemblance to sails and are designed in such a way to follow the patterns of the wind. The house design highlights the incredible view with ribbon windows extending along the vertical facades.  The windows are designed on a hydraulics system and when lifted the house forms more of an open concept pavilion exposed to the natural elements.

via Archithings