Inspiration: Design worthy Laundry/Mud Rooms

People tend to forget about the laundry/mud room when it comes to design but why neglect a space that you have to frequent so often. In addition you should feel very fortunate to have such a room because for some of us ex. Me that was not included in the apartment package.  So in honour of having a laundry room, give it a little love.  My best girl’s husband actually inspired this post, since he is the neat freak and organization fiend but I am positive she will be the one styling the space so I thought I would give her and all of you some inspiration.

Lets start with my favourite. The combination of wall paper, pendant lantern light, cross wire cabinet finish, antiques and glass jars give this space a whimsical elegance. After looking at many laundry room designs I have found a common feature to be light colours which provide that same feeling fresh laundry gives you and there’s nothing like fresh laundry smell!  I can’t wait to have a laundry room because unfortunately for me that feeling happens once a month if I’m lucky… and yes I have a ton of underwear so you can get rid of that gross look!

The Glass Vases are a great way to store detergent for easy access and aesthetics.  You can definitely find such vases at Pier 1 Imports or Homesense among many other places.

I know we may not all have the luxury of space but I adore this laundry room for its vast counter space which equals optimal folding results!  So if you do have room for an island that would be a definite perk.  On another note, wicker baskets are a stylish organizational element that look great on open concept shelving. You can also find inexpensive wicker baskets at HomeSense and Ikea would be a great place to find open concept shelving.

Above Via Corea Sotropa Interior Design

In this particular case an office space has been amalgamated into a laundry room. Although the space is simple stark white, the green grass carpet provides contrast and makes the room feel laundry fresh!

Above Via Home-Designing

The pastel Yellow and Industrial pendant lights give this laundry room the desired style. You can find these types of lights at pretty much any light store but check out the following links for some other industrial options

Barn Light Eclectic



Above Via Best House Design

A Laundry room a le Francais.. tres cute!  This space has all the necessities and has been executed with such grace.  The pastel green works as a fresh canvas and compliments all the additional pieces.  I especially love the look of the steel buckets, something you could find at a garage sale that adds that extra touch.

Above Via Material Girls french

Above Via Remodelaholic