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We seem to have skipped spring this year and jumped right into summer, don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining but the quick shift has turned my closet upside down.  I’m currently living in a small apartment with no where near the amount of closet space needed. So today’s post is all about my fantasy closet I wish I had so that I wouldn’t have to put 3 things a hanger or have piles of clothes along my back wall.  I know you might say get rid of some clothes but believe me I have I’m all about the one year rule ( if you haven’t worn it in a year give it to someone who will)  but I hope you can relate when I say I want to build my dream closet one day!

There are quite a few custom closet stores and I have listed just a few around my area.

California Closets

Muskoka Cabinet Company


Glen Roberston

Stil Design

Now that you have a few sources lets get on to the good stuff.. the visuals the inspiration and the fantasy!

To start the ball rolling I had to show you a screen shot of one of the most famous custom closets known to any Sex and the City fan.  The white palette silver accents and glass doors display your clothes in style giving this lucky girl a one of a kind fantasy closet.

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Inspiration: Design worthy Laundry/Mud Rooms

People tend to forget about the laundry/mud room when it comes to design but why neglect a space that you have to frequent so often. In addition you should feel very fortunate to have such a room because for some of us ex. Me that was not included in the apartment package.  So in honour of having a laundry room, give it a little love.  My best girl’s husband actually inspired this post, since he is the neat freak and organization fiend but I am positive she will be the one styling the space so I thought I would give her and all of you some inspiration.

Lets start with my favourite. The combination of wall paper, pendant lantern light, cross wire cabinet finish, antiques and glass jars give this space a whimsical elegance. After looking at many laundry room designs I have found a common feature to be light colours which provide that same feeling fresh laundry gives you and there’s nothing like fresh laundry smell!  I can’t wait to have a laundry room because unfortunately for me that feeling happens once a month if I’m lucky… and yes I have a ton of underwear so you can get rid of that gross look!

The Glass Vases are a great way to store detergent for easy access and aesthetics.  You can definitely find such vases at Pier 1 Imports or Homesense among many other places.

I know we may not all have the luxury of space but I adore this laundry room for its vast counter space which equals optimal folding results!  So if you do have room for an island that would be a definite perk.  On another note, wicker baskets are a stylish organizational element that look great on open concept shelving. You can also find inexpensive wicker baskets at HomeSense and Ikea would be a great place to find open concept shelving.

Above Via Corea Sotropa Interior Design

In this particular case an office space has been amalgamated into a laundry room. Although the space is simple stark white, the green grass carpet provides contrast and makes the room feel laundry fresh!

Above Via Home-Designing

The pastel Yellow and Industrial pendant lights give this laundry room the desired style. You can find these types of lights at pretty much any light store but check out the following links for some other industrial options

Barn Light Eclectic



Above Via Best House Design

A Laundry room a le Francais.. tres cute!  This space has all the necessities and has been executed with such grace.  The pastel green works as a fresh canvas and compliments all the additional pieces.  I especially love the look of the steel buckets, something you could find at a garage sale that adds that extra touch.

Above Via Material Girls french

Above Via Remodelaholic

GREEN TEAM: The Bike Shelf

So far March seems to be the coldest it has been this winter or maybe it just seems that way since I am forever longing for warmer weather. On a positive note though, we are getting lots of sun, so soak up that vitamin D!

For those of us that like to keep active and decrease our carbon footprint, biking is a great source of transportation. The only issue is that it is becoming less and less safe to lock your bike outside without it being damaged or stolen. Unfortunately we don’t all have an abundance of space, garage or balcony for safe storage.  I currently have my bike resting against a wall in my office where I use the wicker basket to store all my rolled up drawings but getting it out of the way would be a more ideal situation, so here is a beautiful design to store your urban bike. In addition if you’re crafty I am sure you can create your own DIY Bike rack design.

Designed by San Francisco-based wood worker Chris Brigham (his studio is aptly named Knife and Saw). The Bike Shelf is available in walnut ($300) or in ash or maple ($275).

Above: The Bike Shelf in a Walnut finish.

Above: The Bike Shelf in an Ash finish

How To… fold a fitted sheet

This may seem like a strange post to some of you but to say I was on cloud nine after learning to fold a fitted sheet would be a major understatement. Ever since I moved out of my mom’s place I have been an organizational freak, I love a clean room which cannot be achieved without making your bed. Funny thing is that I could of cared less when I lived at home and I’m sure that drives my mom crazy to hear.  So with my independence came a desire to make my place and things look neat and yes that most certainly includes the linen closet.  After relentlessly trying to fold my fitted sheets I would give up and throw the ball into the closet completely un-sastified.  Eventually I chose to do something about it which lead me to the magical internet where every answer is a keyword away. Thanks to Martha and other like minded bloggers I discovered the tricks and I feel that I have the responsibility to pay it forward.

Step 2: While folding the sheet in half width-wise, fold the two bottom corners inside out and tuck into corresponding top corners so the inside seams are touching.

Step 3: While folding the sheet in half length-wise, fold corner B inside out and tuck into corner A.

so it looks like this:

Step 4: Fold in half length-wise (fold in thirds for anything larger than a twin).Warning: This step may drive the perfectionist crazy. Because of the elastic edge, the top won’t  match up with the bottom edges perfectly. Just fold it in a way that creates two parallel sides as best you can so it looks like this:

Step 5: Fold into thirds

And VOILA! Your final result:

I hope that was clear enough!

via beauty & thrift

ORGANIZATION: 10 Ways to De-clutter your Space

As I have said many times before, there is an endless amount of incredible designs out there and I enjoy finding a mix of vintage & new, low & high priced items.  This passion for a variety of products and works has made me a bit of a clutterbug.  Unfortunately even if each piece is nice, too much of anything isn’t good.  With getting organized on my mind I thought of the Sex & the City movie where Carrie and the girls go through her closet.  So for others out there that need to de-clutter, its time to get the wine and get to work.

traditional living room by Dineen Architecture + Design

Stept 1.

Sort. Grab a lot of big boxes or lawn and leaf trash bags. The first step is to RUTHLESSLY sort through your things, room by room, cabinet by cabinet, closet by closet, and think very carefully about why you want to keep each item you’ve put in the “keep” pile. Is it still really “you”? Does it hold some sentimental value? Do you use it? If not, do you think you really ever will again? I promise you’ll feel lighter and more free when you’ve purged all of the things you don’t use or love anymore.
living room by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

Step 2.

Clear. Go room by room. Take a good look at every surface, then remove everything from it. Dust. Take a critical look at each item and decide which ones you may want to leave out in the open.

by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

modern family room by Griffin Enright Architects

Step 3.

Curate. This means editing your items. Donate or sell the ones you have no use for anymore, and realize everything you keep does not need to be displayed at once; you can always rotate them in and out. This is actually a good way to keep your home feeling “new to you.”

Here is some Examples: Collecting without Cluttering

by James Cleary Architecture

modern bedroom by Dufner Heighes Inc

This credenza’s surface is a good example of a successful curating effort.

by Dufner Heighes Inc

traditional family room by Cristi Holcombe

Step 4.

Compose. Experiment with arranging your items. Cristi Holcombe’s easy tip for creating a great tablescape? “The easiest way is to group things in threes,” she advises, “I also create visual triangles and balance.”

by Cristi Holcombe

modern living room by Rachel Reider Interiors

Step 5.

Corral. Items like trays can keep items neat and organized.

by Rachel Reider Interiors
modern bedroom by Dufner Heighes Inc

Step 6.

Troubleshoot. Some spots are more prone to collect clutter. Once you identify these problem areas, make sure to provide storage. For example, magazines, books, a flashlight, Simply Sleep and other items tend to clutter up a nightstand. Solve this problem by getting one with ample drawer space.

by Dufner Heighes Inc

modern kids by Feldman Architecture, Inc.

Likewise, toys become clutter very easily. Go through the toys and donate the ones your kids have lost interest in; use baskets, storage cubes or storage benches to stash toys when not in use.

by Feldman Architecture, Inc.

contemporary entry by ZeroEnergy Design

Step 7.

Create storage solutions. All of the stuff you do keep needs a home. Having an entryway or mudroom outfitted with hooks, cubbies, and enforcing an immediate put away rule is crucial. Every family member should have a designated spot for shoes, bags and coats.

by ZeroEnergy Design

contemporary bathroom by ZeroEnergy Design

Along these lines, keep every day items off counters but within reach, whether in a medicine cabinet, drawer or basket.

by ZeroEnergy Design

traditional kitchen by Stonebreaker Builders & RemodelersStep 8.

Embrace empty space. Realize the quality of blank space. Just because you have the shelves, it doesn’t mean you need to make them chock-a-block full.

by Stonebreaker Builders & Remodelers

modern living room by See Construction

Step 9.

Use symmetry. When you’re striving for a symmetrical balance, clutter will throw it off and stick out like a sore thumb. This can help you edit your items.

by See Construction

modern bedroom by The Brick House

Step 10.

One in, one out! Keep a donation box active at all times, and while you’re shopping, you’ll have to think about what you’re going to have to get rid of at home in order to be allowed to bring in the new item. 

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Design Stamped Readers: how do you keep the clutter at bay? Please let us know in the comments section!