RESTAURANTS: OCEANO by Palmira Pereira

My design concept stemmed from the idea that I wanted “something old”, quite old in fact, like my grandmother’s farm house in Portugal which  has been in the family for several hundred years. Built with thick walls of stone that are approximately one foot deep & wide plank wood floors. Everything aged to perfection.  From there the idea developed into what is commonly viewed as a wedding ritual. That being said I needed “something new”, the clean crisp look of modern design. “Something borrowed”, reminiscing on memories of my grandmother’s farm house  & the wonderful  summers spent there. I aspired to replicate that feeling of nostalgia in my design.  Last, but not least, “something blue”,  a very specific shade of blue that speaks of a nation that has had a very intimate & enduring relationship with the sea, Portugal.

My goal is not to design a traditional or modern version of a  Portuguese restaurant but rather to infuse the “Portuguese elements ” I’ve mentioned as my inspirations. The combination of finishes creates a modern environment with just the right rustic touches to provide a warm and inviting ambiance. The restaurant has an open floor plan which consists of multiple split levels creating dynamic focal points.

The design caters to an upscale restaurant with  a menu that will focus mainly on European/Mediterranean, market fresh, seasonal produce served in an equally light and unpretentious manner.

Above: Main Floor Plan

Above: Mezzanine Level

Above: Rendered view of  Main dining area

Above: Rendered view of Mezzanine area

Above: Maquette Axonometric view

Below you can see a collection of images which inspired my restaurant design. The colours, materials and innovative furniture designs in juxtaposition to the old and new, is where I drew my main inspiration.

Above: Dogmatic, Gourmet Sausage System, New York City- inspiration for restaurant bar.

Above: Wire-frame axonometric view of the restaurant bar which can be seen on the mezzanine level.

Above: Neoline Chandelier by Boa Design

It is in my opinion that a design should encompass not only the architectural structure and finishes but also the fine details.  I have chosen a selection of modern dishware consisting of Modern Floating Glassware, Ceramics, Goa Flatware by Cutipol

RESTAURANTS: Capital Kitchen in Australia

Now that I am falling back into the hang of things and the summer school semester is in full swing I will have to say goodbye to the slow pace of my short lived vacation.  Not to say the vacation wasn’t fully enjoyed, I did get a few opportunities to pamper myself. Saving the best for last I spent an entire day at the Nordic Spa sun bathing, fortunately it was the nicest day we’ve had yet. Considering that I spend the majority of my time in front of a computer or hunched over a desk, I felt a massage was needed and well deserved. So I through one of those into the mix.  There was also plenty of Family time which was extra special with the new addition to the household, a canoe! I got to enjoy some sunny days out on the water reading while my brother and dad paddled me around! I was living the life.  But aside from all that I have missed my daily dose of design so with a new semester comes a new project and lots of research.  With that in mind I hope you all enjoy the new finds!

To start the ball rolling we have this Cafe/Restaurant style design located on the outskirts of Melbourne, Capital Kitchens design combines rustic and industrial elements with a few modern touches throughout to produce a functional, warm and inviting atmosphere. Designed by Australia-based Mim Design (“We were going for a modern country farmhouse feel,” the designers say), the interiors feature rustic timber floors, exposed brick walls, and sleek modern Carrara counters. For more information, go to Capital Kitchen.

Above: The cafe includes an open concept dining area. The main dining chairs add the industrial element finished in white to compliment the farmhouse look. Marais a chair designed by Xavier Pauchard for Tolix available at design within reach

Above: A mix of modern housewares is on offer. I find this style of boutique cafe is becoming very popular and for good reason. It’s fun to browse kitchenware amongst the aromas of coffee beans and  food.

Above: This has to be my favourite shot. The combination of light and darker woods separated by a sleek Carrara marble counter, is stunning. The white Caravaggio Pendants (available from Y Lighting) provide a simple clean and modern ceiling ornamentation.

Above: A modern farmhouse sink adds a domestic feel and is complimented by the upholstered armchairs providing additional comfortable seating.

Above: Long tables on wheels provide a multifunctional space, offering a multitude of space and seating arrangements.  The movable tables are complimented with Tolix stools. Marais Counter Stool designed by Xavier Pauchard for Tolix available at design within reach. The beam ceiling design plays on a modern coffered ceiling style and adds that extra element of design to the cafes structure.

Above L: The shop signage is painted directly on the exterior brick. Above R: Corner seating with folding windows.  What impresses me the most is the combination of materials that work so well together. The aged brick, marble, light and dark woods with painted as well as unfinished steel together achieve achieve a warm and aesthetically beautiful environment. This design encourages me to not be afraid of trying different finish combinations.

Via Remodelista

RESTAURANT: Ella Dining Room & Bar Design

Hallelujah spring is here. It will soon be time to pull off the layers and enjoy the warmer days. I would have to say spring has the best of both worlds, you can still enjoy winter sports like boarding without getting frost bite and your body can release the tension it has been holding all winter and relax. In addition to those wonderful benefits you can start pulling out the warmer weather clothes and feel like you have an entirely new wardrobe which is nice for those of us living on student budgets in a city that breathes fashion.

On another note I am currently working on a restaurant project and trying to finalize the furniture schedule. Like always I look for inspirations which includes hours of research and amazing finds. I came across Ella Dining Room & Bar Designed by Uxus and fell in love. It has been added to the Bucket List and was a mandatory feature. Located in Sacramento, California it’s one of the most innovative restaurant interiors I have ever seen. Who would of thought to use a hodge-podge of shutters on the ceiling and overhang of the bar. Well they did and it’s stunning along with the contemporary lines and variety of  eclectic pieces.  UXUS was commissioned by The Selzim Restaurant Group for this 4 million dollar project which has a capacity for 250 diners and covers an area of 710m2 (approx 7600 sq ft).

Via designscene